Project type: School
Tags:Product design, product rendering, material research
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Plastics are inherently woven into our daily uses. They are everywhere and used for everything. Unfortunately the ones using plastic, have no fair chance of distinguishing all these types in their surrounding. The industry did start labelling all plastics with symbols. Still many objects are lacking these labels and still the information did not fully arrive to the general public. Plastic objects are being used once, and for the most part end up being burned. With plastic recycling, the correct separation of plastic is the most challenging part. From producer, to consumer, to waste collector, to recycle firm, to government control. All have to take part in making this circle a closed one. This project aims to visualise the past life of the plastic object through pattern making. What was it used for? by whom? and what kind of plastic do you need for this? The project is therefore called “Antes” meaning “Before”
Plastic chairs are found in restaurants all across Mexico

Visual collection of plastic uses in Mexico City.



hydraulic press
During the design process a hydraulic press was created. The machine has a press capacity of 8 tones which by passes the actuall press power needed to make plastic sheets. In the open wiki page (link down) the information can be found to make this machine yourself. The machine also needs a stand with a cooker and gass to provide the needed heat from down up.

Graduation presentation 2017

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