Freedom of choice

Project type: School
Tags:graphic design, animation, greenscreen, project supervision, storyboard

How would internet shopping look like in a real life store?
How could the commercialization of citizens in the physical space take new shapes, due to increasing data collection by the government and commercial corporations? We should care because we are being categorized and placed in boxes based on data collection. Interpretations generate (especially through the internet) your options to choose out of. The so called filter bubble. What if the way we interact with the internet would be applied in a real life store, and the filter bubble of information would be applied constantly. Television stores displaying your favorite movies when you walk in, or milk packaging changing to your favorite colors. We would live real life only as an experience of our own passed actions. A real life filter bubble for each individual. We would live life in a box made by algorithms. A way to counter react to this problem would be hacking the way others are currently collecting data from you.
During the work process an animation was made to communicate the idea of personal data collection through public Wifi hotspots. The important characteristic of the international logo for Wifi had to be included in the logo. The eye has a slight friendly assosciation. This was made to show the fine line between the seemingly harmlessness of data harvesting, and privacy intrusion.

Exhibition format
This is the exhibition setting for the movie. By using two screens, one showing the physical process and the other the digital process it clearly shows the relation between the two.

Actrice: Lotte Guit
Director: Thomas Hoogewerf
Lightwork: Timm Donke and Vito Boeckx