Beach chair
This chair came to life during a “winter” workshop in Tlacotalpan, Mexico. The workshop was an iniciation of my intership location (Studio. Jose de La O). The Workshop brings every year a variation of designers in colaboration with local craftsman to create a fruitfull learning experience for both parties. During this workshop I created the chair based on the challenge of easy shipment/transportation. For this reason the chair had to be able to be flat packed so it could be shiped back to Holland. Ofcourse the chair had to be comfortable and communicate partly its origin aswell. The chair is assembled in minutes and provides a very layed back sitting position. In the town, Tlacotalpan the rocking chair is the chair used in almost every living room (next to this text). It is the original chair of the town. This chair was the inspirational starting point for the design proces.

Work process 2016

Projects before 2016

Walking chair
This chair was made during a course program for carpentry in The Design Academy Eindhoven. During the program we worked with different assembling techniques for wood, we worked with machinery for crafting the wood, scale model making etc. The final result is an outcome of a free exploration in porportions, aesthetics and a small addition of an funny twist to give the chair an own character. The chair has the seating hight on an average seating hight for chairs. The back rest has an angle of 105 degrees to avoid a completly stiff seating position on a wooden chair.

ceiling lamp


This teapot consists out of different objects placed together into a mould including a plastic lid, lamp bol, tennisball, snorkel, cardboard cup and a bike light